Mohamed Sanad
Physical Therapist

As a young man, I walked through the large hallowed halls of Cairo University and began my journey to becoming your physical therapist. I excelled for four years and was one of a few, hand-chosen graduates given the opportunity to come to the United States and work towards my own American Dream. My journey began with getting to know Chicago, and because I started at homecare, driving through the city was a huge part of my life.

I built my life here, I got married in 1994 and had my first child in 1995. My work and my family were and still remain, my greatest priorities. As I worked, I became more and more passionate about physical therapy. I witnessed every day how it improved the lives of my patients, healed them of their ailments, and helped them avoid unnecessary surgeries. As my career progressed, I realized that I wasn’t done learning. I made it my mission to become educated by the best professionals in my field. I attended seminars and classes run by physical therapists from around the world, known for being the most proficient in their skills. Thus, my own skills expanded and I became an expert in treating headaches, and pain as well as specializing in Dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation.

After partnering with a colleague for about 15 years as co-founder of Progressive Physical Therapy, I decided it was time for my legacy, I branched off to open Sanad Physical Therapy in 2022. I have impeccably chosen staff and colleagues to provide care alongside myself.

My goal is to continue treating and healing, as I have with the thousands of patients I’ve treated in my career. The legacy of Sanad Physical Therapy will be in my patient success stories. I can’t wait for you to add yours!